05:00 pm - 06:00 pm


The APACD is happy to invite you to our webinar on Delivering Outcomes Through Collaboration: How communication professionals can drive public-private partnerships to enhance reputation

Corporate Affairs and Communications professionals have always been tasked with building relationships between business and stakeholders, be they the media, NGO’s, government or civil society. In the past this engagement has been more to disseminate information about what the business does in a particular country or community or to carry out a specific programme and make these stakeholders aware of the company’s investment.

However, today, communication professionals have the opportunity to enhance corporate reputation by identifying and working in collaboration with multiple stakeholders from the public sector on programmes that deliver value to all parties.

This webinar will present examples of successful PPP’s and how they are delivering value.

About the Speaker

Steven Bartholomeusz is head of communications and advocacy for Food Industry Asia (FIA), a non-profit-organisation that was formed in 2010 to enable major food manufacturers to speak with one voice on complex issues such as health & nutrition, food safety and the harmonisation of standards. From its base in Singapore, FIA seeks to enhance the industry's role as a trusted partner and collaborator in the development of science-based policy throughout Asia. Steven formerly held senior roles at Kerry Asia Pacific, Sarawak Energy Berhad and Shell.

The Webinar will take place on Tuesday, 28 March at 5.00pm (HKT) and run for an hour. Participants will have the chance to pose their questions. The session will run on the platform "Adobe Connect". For technical requirements, please go to: http://www.apacd.com/technical-requirements