Globalisation and the increasing interdependence of our societal systems are generating multiple levels of stakeholders that are a challenge to engage with in normal times but that become a nightmare to manage in a crisis. Besides employees, regulators, politicians, victims, customers and shareholders, organisations now also have to reckon with stakeholder groups that become involved through social media networks.

Useful in pre-, during and after crisis situations, stakeholder mapping consists of identifying all audience groups (no matter how small or remote) with a stake in a certain issue.
By categorising stakeholders and identifying their specific issues regarding a situation, organisations will be able to define their desired outcome, strategy and key messages.

About the Speaker

Caroline Sapriel is the founder and Managing Partner of CS&A International, a global risk and crisis management consulting firm working with multinational clients across industries. Caroline is a leader in her field and provides customised, results-driven counsel and training at the highest level.