1. Which services does the APACD offer?

The APACD offers you the following services:

  • Country network events in cities across the Asia-Pacific region
  • Further training in the form of Coaching Days and Webinars with experts
  • Our annual two-day conference with 300 peers, previously held in Hong Kong and Singapore: The Asia-Pacific Communications Summit and the Asia-Pacific Communications Awards
  • Working Groups in areas such as: Finance & Insurance, Academic Institutions , Tourism & Hospitality, Public Affairs & NGOs, Risk & Crisis Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Internal Communication
  • Publications: Our quarterly magazine ‘Communication Director’ especially desgined for communications pofessionals in Asia Pacific, surveys and service brochures, regular APACD newsletters
  • The APACD website with live chat function and APACD members knowledge portal

2. My company pays my membership fee. Who is the member of the association – the company (because it pays), or myself, as the individual named?

APACD membership is not transferable. Passing on one’s rights and duties as a member of the organisation is not permissible. If you are accepted as a full member, it is you as natural person who is entitled to member’s rights and duties, not your company, even if they pay the fee according to an internal agreement. As such, your membership does not end when you undertake new employment and your new company does not want to pay the fee. This holds true, except in the following case: a legal entity is accepted as a supporting member, and has named you to act on its behalf in exercising its rights. In this case, you are merely acting as an agent of the supporting member, and as such, responsibility for paying APACD membership fees lie with the organisation.

3. I changed my name and/or relocated. Do I have to inform the APACD?

Yes. Every member is obliged to inform the Association of a change in their name and/or address. Costs incurred by the Association arising from investigations in such matters must be reimbursed by the member. If applicable, costs arising from legal action against a member must also be reimbursed to the Association.

4. Does my membership end if I lose my employment?

No. Membership is only terminated by the resignation or death of a natural person, or by the dissolution of a legal entity, or by exclusion from the Association in either case. Communication professionals who have lost their employment will be registered as alumni members of the association in the year of their unemployment and also in the following year (during which time they receive the same benefits and undertake the same responsibilities as full members). Thereafter the association will re-evaluate their status. If former full members take up a position that does not fulfil the criteria for full membership (e.g. by joining a communications consultancy) their membership will be continued as a supporting membership.

5. I resigned from the APACD. Will I get a part of my membership fees back?

No. The termination of a membership does not entitle the former member to any claims to the association’s assets.

6. How can I cancel my membership with APACD?

Membership invoice will be iussed per calendar year. Due date for membership cancellation is always before September 30, otherwise the membership will be automatically renewed for the next year. Please write to accounting@apacd.com to cancel your membership.