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Event Review: Networking in Singapore, 18 July

Singapore as a major hub in APAC hosts numerous international companies. Given that fact, it’s also home for a lot of communication specialists. Being at the pulse of the daily business of an organization, it’s essential to know about the latest trends and development in the communications world. Is there a better place for exchanging knowledge than over a drink on one of Singapore’s nicest rooftop bars? On 18th July, a small group of communication professionals gathered for an informal get together at ‘Braci’. Various industries and nationalities were represented and people enjoyed networking, discussing current topics and – the later the evening - even learning quite a bit about Singapore’s stunning history while having a delicious bite. Definitely an evening to be replicated!

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Special thanks to Keith William Morrison, Katja Flann, and Myriam Ziesack for their organisational support.

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