Strengthen the image of the profession

APACD is a non-partisan association that actively builds and enhances the image of communicators working internationally. The association characterizes the profession and differentiates it from related professional groups. It supports the development of a clearly defined self-conception and represents the interests of its members.

Meet colleagues from across the region

APACD provides a network for communication directors and spokespersons and offers them various possibilities to exchange knowledge, experiences and opinions. It fosters cross-national partnerships and exchange between communicators, and provides the relevant platforms for members to connect with each other - for example through its events, networks, services and media.

Career enhancement

Members of APACD become familiarized with a large variety of career profiles and paths availiable in companies, institutions and associations all over Asia. This will help them to discover new career options for themselves and enhance their individual professional progress.

Working Groups

APACD will establish Working Groups that are either industry or topic specific. These groups will organize workshops and meetings for members to discuss the latest developments and concerns in their field of expertise. Together they can develope new communicative standards and guidelines within their own field.

Further training and events

By establishing common quality standards and advancing professional qualification within the fields of communication and media, APACD will offer means for qualification for those interested in further studies. Such training includes seminars, symposia and other events.

Overcome cultural barriers

There are different rules, laws and decrees that organize and regulate communication activities in Asian countries. APACD aims to establish universally-valid principles of understanding and communicating with each other. It will provide guidelines on communicative challenges within the specific communication cultures of different Asian countries.


APACD will release several publications in print and online that update members on all issues relevant to their work. The APACD publications will include Communication Director magazine, the APACD Newsletter, manuals and other service and position papers.

Get to know national media markets

APACD will draw a clearer picture of the Asia-Pacific media landscape for its members. This will help them to approach journalists in the most effective ways.