Communication Director magazine

APACD members receive a free subscription to Communication Director, the magazine for corporate communications and public relation in the Asia-Pacific.

Service Brochures

The Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors publishes a series of Service Brochures that serve as constructive manuals advising on practical questions of communications.

Community Newsletter

The APACD Community Newsletter, a weekly note from the communication industry including personnel changes, industry appointments, professional articles and job postings, keeps all members up-to-date.

Country Networks

As the association spans across the Asia-Pacific region, we provide our members with a local service: our country networks. These networks host local debates, meetings and discussions that look at the latest trends from a local and region-specific angle. This will also serve to reinforce our wider community and association and help us to share the accumulated peer knowledge of all our members across the vast Asia-Pacific region.

Peer Think Tanks and Webinars

Our Expert Think Tanks foster a peer-to-peer exchange. Working Groups explore specific areas of interest, or discuss the common challenges faced by an industry. APACD Webinars reach out to our wider community, presenting all members with the opportunity to join interesting discussions that offer helpful knowledge and inspiring food-for-thought.

Asia-Pacific Communication Summit

The annual Asia-Pacific Communication Summit gathers leading communicators & expert speakers for a two-day conference to examine the latest comms trends.

Research & Studies

APACD will initiate a study presenting a detailed map of the communication profession across Asia-Pacific to highlight developments and potential trends.