1. Senior in-house corporate communications leaders: Whether from companies, associations, NGOs or institutions, the summit provides the opportunity to come together for an exchange of knowledge and big ideas related to the communications profession. We provide the perfect peer-platform to meet your colleagues and key influencer and to expand your international network.

2. Public Affairs and Government Relations professionals: Political engagement remains at the heart of corporate affairs and communications. With the work of communicators placed within the framework of government policy, those working to influence and better this agenda are welcome to engage and participate.

3. Communicators with an eye on the future: Our 2015 focus theme is “Next Era of Communications”. The issues confronting practitioners currently will be challenged and impending trends will be explored. Communicators who eagerly anticipate innovations that challenges our professions every day, are very welcomed to join our discussions and to define with us the next era of communications.

4. The minds behind corporate strategy: As corporate communications moves from "nice to have" to "absolutely essential" the expectations and demands towards professionals have grown tremendously. Join the APCS for numerous opportunities to explore the most cutting-edge strategies and tools in the field.

5. Those curious about their colleagues:  With over 300 attendees, the summit provides the perfect opportunity to connect and network with in-house peers and meet new international colleagues from a variety of fields and industries.

6. Debaters: Use this opportunity to raise important questions and give your opinion on important issues with your colleagues in a warm atmosphere. Thoughtful debate is encouraged.

7. Good Listeners: 40 speakers to take to the stage to share their expertise through keynotes, best-case presentations and panel discussions.

8. Early adopters: The inaugural Asia-Pacific Communications Summit is a unique opportunity to join what may become the flagship event for communicators in the region. Be there from the beginning.