As Asia-Pacific Communications and Public Relations Directors, we are striving to build a network that provides a solid platform for an exchange of knowledge among in-house communications professionals and advances our profession. By establishing common quality standards and supporting professional qualification within the field, by organising conferences and meetings, and by providing services, analysis, and informative media, this non-partisan association will work for the benefit of the Asia-Pacific communications and public affairs community.

We were delighted to welcome more than 80 senior in-house communicators in Hong Kong, as well as by the interest we received from over 300 other professionals, as we launched our network dedicated to cross-border exchange, transparency, qualifications and knowledge-sharing in the profession. Together we will endeavor to build and extend this initiative across all of Asia

The Background

The Asia-Pacific region has experienced unprecedented development gaining economic, social and cultural strength in an ever-globalising world. Asia-pacific companies are entering the world market, while various multinational companies engage in regional Asian markets. Transnational communication is a management task of increasing importance for communicators across all continents and regions. For communicators in multinational companies, associations, institutions and in politics in Asia, an international and global perspective is crucial in their strategic and practical work.

The communications profession is becoming a key role in every company’s presence, values and strategy and thus it becomes more important than ever that the profession gathers to represent the entity of its occupational field, and to apply high professional standards to their work.

The Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors (APACD) provides a peer network for mid- to senior-level communication professionals from all fields and industries across the Asia-Pacific region to discuss and formulate solutions to current communication challenges.

It aims to establish common quality standards and advances professional qualifications within the field by providing publications and organising events and meetings.

The APACD offers a platform of networking and exchange amongst its members and friends, and advances the visibility and reputation of the profession. It aims to foster diversity, overcome cultural barriers and to formulate communicative norms and expectations, resulting in the declaration of a pan-Asia-Pacific communication culture as a strong voice in an ever globalising world.